The reasons to choose Playstation 3 over the xbox 360


The reasons to choose Playstation 3 over the xbox 360

We had another generation games Console but was not sure which one to purchase. We were confronted with three options, the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 or the Nintendo Way. We did not fancy gambling on a PC – which we spend hours at work so wished to escape from using them at my leisure time. Prior to making my decision we did lots of research online which comprised checking specifications out, reading reviews and figuring out exactly what users of those consoles believed. We ignored the Nintendo Way early on because of the lack of features, old-generation technologies it is based on the older GameCube hardware and also the slightly childish character of it is matches. There is no doubt it is excellent fun with a bunch of individuals but we was searching for something somewhat more in depth and advanced. It proved to be a much tougher decision between the PS3 and Xbox 360.


Both provide similar graphical capacities but despite being a bit pricier we opted to go with the PS3 at the end. These features are what made me choose the Sony console easily upgradeable hard disk. The PS3 includes an 80GB SATA hard disk as standard which is simple to remove and swap to get a larger version of up to 500GB in power. There is not any opening from this games console or voiding the warranty in doing this as the conventional hard disk is made so it could be immediately eliminated. Sony also contains a backup utility to your initial drive so the information could be restored into the drive.

The Price Difference between the Xbox 360 and PS3 is made up for by the Sony Console including an incorporated hi-definition Kindest. We have always had my eye about such a participant and having it incorporated inside the console supposed that we saved a few hundred Pounds in my in Addition to distance in my equipment rack pocket. The PlayStation also comes with an integrated network media player that allows it to perform all my DivX media files from the construct in hard Push or from my PC as long as it is switched on. Sony’s regular updates also suggest the kindest player and media player are kept bang up to Date, unlike any standalone hardware that can become obsolete. The Sony has a choice built one to set up a version of the Linux operating system. This will let me Play with my programming whilst getting away in the PC. Out-of-the-box Connectivity is better using the PS3 since it comes with a built-in wireless community Link adaptor. This was an additional 50 on the Xbox 360. The console also Features regular USB 2. 0 ports letting me connect accessories like a USB keyboard, mouse and outside pen drives and hard drives. Get More Information at